What Makes Sunsolar Solutions Different From Other Solar Companies?

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Choosing the right installer can save you thousands in repairs

Installing solar requires puncturing holes in your roof. If they aren’t sealed properly, these can lead to leaks which can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

That’s why we do more than other installers to protect your roof. We take a set of additional steps to fortify your roof, called the Three Course Method.

Premium Protection

The Three Course Method:

Course 1

Sealant Layer 1

First, we apply a layer of roof mastic sealant. Mastic’s thick but flexible character makes it an ideal guard against leaks in areas with high variation in temperature, like Arizona.

Course 2


Next, mesh is layered onto the mastic, which acts like rebar in concrete, reinforcing it and guaranteeing it doesn’t crack over time.

Course 3

Sealant Layer 2

Finally, we apply a second layer of mastic, ensuring your roof is nearly impenetrable to moisture.  

Don't Gamble With Your Roof

Install with confidence

Most installers in Arizona don’t offer the Three Course Method, and as a result, their customers are exposed to a higher risk of leaks and costly repairs. 

Don’t risk your investment: get a quote for a premium installation, and install solar with confidence, with Sunsolar Solutions.

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