Q: How much does it cost to “go solar” with Sunsolar Solutions?

A: You’ll be pleasantly surprised how affordable it is to go solar! With Sunsolar Solutions you can go solar for $0 down, no upfront cost! Call Now to get a FREE CUSTOMIZED SOLAR EVALUATION along with a price quote with ZERO obligations.

Q: How much can I save exactly?

A: Monthly savings can vary depending on the customer’s home electricity usage and the size of the solar system, but generally the larger the solar system, the bigger the savings. You may even be able to reduce your electric bill down to $0! Click here to get a free quote!

Q: What are my purchase options?
A: You can purchase a solar system, or you can lease a solar system from one of Sunsolar Solution’s lease partners for as little as 0% Down. Click here to get a free quote!
Q: Are there any federal and state incentives still available?
A: Yes. If you purchase a solar system, the federal government will give you a 26% tax credit on the total paid which can be taken in one year or spread out over five years. The current federal solar tax credit is set to decrease by the end of 2020. The state of Arizona offers a $1,000 tax credit for a new solar system. Leased solar systems are not eligible for tax credits. Click here to get a free quote!
Q: How does your referral program work?
A: Sunsolar Solutions offers a $500 referral fee for any friends or family members you refer to us! After they GO SOLAR and once the installation of their solar system is completed, you will receive a check for $500.
Q: Why do I need a solar consultation?
A: The purpose of a solar consultation is for us to gather all the information we need to make sure your home is a good fit for solar. This is also a great opportunity to get all your questions answered! Your Solar Consultant will analyze your energy usage and ask questions about future changes in energy consumption such as adding a pool or a spa which can dramatically affect your energy bill. Once your energy consultant has this information, our team of highly qualified design engineers will custom tailor a quote for a system that fits your solar needs.Click here to get a free quote!
Q: How long does the solar installation take?
A: Going solar is a process that involves many different organizations which include government, city, HOA, and utility companies. Our goal is to move the solar project through this process as efficiently as possible. Because of the involvement of so many representatives and agents from outside organizations, it is impossible to give a 100% accurate timetable. Our goal will be to keep the homeowner up to date and informed if any delays in the project occur. If there is ever a question as to where your solar project is, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.Click here to get a free quote!