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Produce your own energy

With solar panel costs down 75% and performance up 50%, solar energy is less expensive than coal energy in large parts of the world.

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Go Solar Today! We Make It Easy...

  • Flexible Solutions - Lease, Finance or Purchase
  • $0 down, no upfront cost
  • Save up to 95% off your electric bill
  • Protect against inflation and energy cost increases from your electric company
  • Increase your property value
  • Earn a great return on your investment
  • Go Green! Protect the environment
  • Provide clean, relaible energy for your family powered by the sun!

How it works...

Your solar system allows you to generate your own clean power and COSTS LESS than your current utility company. Flexible finance solutions allow you to simply pay by the month, like you do now...but at a LOWER rate and START SAVING IMMEDIATELY.

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  • Installation & Service
  • Concrete tile, composite tile, and ground mount
  • Lease, Loan, or Cash Purchases
  • Warranty service


Sunlight is free. Imagine if going solar were, too. With no upfront costs, you may start savings on your electricty bill from day one. Take advtanage of Arizona's 300+ sunny days and harness the power of the sun. Simple, easy, and worry free. Go solar today!

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Flexible Solutions


$0 Upfront Cost

  • All the benefits of solar without the ownership
  • 20 year complete coverage and monitoring
  • Flexibility while offering great potential savings
  • Host of options to choose from at end of lease
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$0 Down, 1.99%*

  • Own your own system for $0 down
  • 1.99%* 12-year loan
  • At the end of the loan enjoy free incremetnal power from the sun
  • *OAC
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No Monthly Pmts

  • Instant electricity savings
  • Tax credits
  • Potential to increase home's resale value
  • With no monthly payments, save immediately with clean power from the sun
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I had four solar system estimates for my home. They gave us the best price for a 6KW system, using Enphase microinverters instead of large DC to AC converters. The system is working just as advertised, we have not had a single system issue. Being able to monitor individual panel performance is a real plus!

Fred & Jan

We wanted to take a moment and thank you for the excellent job installing our residential 6 Kw solar system. We needed our system installed on a specific date and they made sure it was completed so it would not impact our plans.

Don & Maria

Professionally managed solar panel installation company whose managers and workers go beyond what is necessary to ensure that they provide the best possible product and service to all customers, thereby creating a very satisfied client base. Our experience with these professionals was indeed the best possible that anybody could have been privileged to enjoy.

Abe & Joy de la Rosa

We had a small, 14 panel solar system installed in 2010. We decided to expand our system to support most of our annual household demand. They did a great job! Our system has been up and running for month and we are looking forward to many years of service.

Steve & Karen